Overwatch League – Saebyeolbe Rumored As A Pick For The Seoul Dynasty After NYXL Release

Overwatch League – Saebyeolbe Rumored As A Pick For The Seoul Dynasty After NYXL Release
Credit: Blizzard via Youtube

Admittedly, we’ve had more than a few stunning announcements coming from the Overwatch League during the offseason as a proverbial Thanos Snap is occurring after a tumultuous season has allegedly left organizations with very little money, which in turn results in record low salaries across the board and a flurry of players desperate to maintain their spot within the professional League.

Some have stated that this has opened a sinister door to wide-spread collusion for organizations to bring down salaries across the board: saving organizations financial resources for other leagues that some could argue have a bit more life in them.

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Others posit that this is simply a sign of a tumultuous previous season, skewered by the pandemic which canceled homestands (an opportunity many were hoping would help organizations earn their buy-in with the league back) which resulted in all matches (minus the finals) being played online, which further shifted rankings of individuals and teams.

Yet while this is readily becoming commonplace during the current offseason of the Overwatch League as we’re all waiting for the 2021 season to have its late start in April of 2021, it doesn’t mean that Park ‘Saebyeolbe’ Jong-Ryeol being dropped from the New York Excelsior was any less surprising.

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He was considered to be a mainstay of the roster for his ability to lead the roster in-game, in pitched matches with frantic plays that would somehow result in NYXL coming up ahead more often than not in earlier seasons while holding the team together in later seasons.

Then he was dropped, and everyone took a bit of a step back in surprise.

Now, rumors are circulating that Seoul Dynasty is looking at picking up the iron-willed IGL/hitscan DPS. These should be noted to be precisely that, offseason rumors in a strange offseason that has players and organizations clamoring to make sense of the field at the moment, but the option looks likely.

Park Jong-Ryeol has followed multiple members of staff and players of the Seoul Dynasty recently, and it’s unreasonable to presume that the player would step back from the Overwatch League after cultivating a fantastic following within the scene.

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Thus, while it isn’t verified by any stretch of the term, it’s plausible enough that people should take note.

Tobi’s departure, as it turns out, was Tobi’s own decision to step away from the Seoul Dynasty; he already had an offer from Seoul Dynasty that he refused, thus becoming a free agent in the process. Thus, the Dynasty absolutely has a space to fill, and SBB can take up lots of space on the payload.