Overwatch League – FCTFCTN Appears To Have Mistakenly Leaked Paris Eternal Tryouts

Overwatch League – FCTFCTN Appears To Have Mistakenly Leaked Paris Eternal Tryouts
Credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube

It’s becoming a standard during the always-online environment that esports is currently surrounding thanks in no small part to the pandemic, with fat-fingers and slight oversights that force organizations to show their hands a bit earlier than they would like.

The most recent oversight comes from Russell ‘FCTFCTN‘ Campbell, the main tank player that formerly played with the Houston Outlaws before being ousted by Muma, and now coaches the Revival team within Contenders.

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Today, it appears that he accidentally began streaming the Paris Eternal tryouts: AVALLA, the assistant coach that has been sweating bullets while trying to juggle the responsibilities of putting together an entire team after the Thanos snap, is prominently seen as the lobby leader where she is apologizing for being a bit ‘rusty’ in how to conduct private lobbies.

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There are a couple of other interesting names worth noting within the short stream as well.

The former main tank for the Houston Outlaws, Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot is once again next to FCTFCTN, although Russell was spectating instead of actually vying for the main tank role. Stefan ‘Onigod’ Fiskerstrand, the DPS player with a brief stint on the Dallas Fuel, is also readily seen along with Lucas ‘NotE’ Meissner, off-tank player formerly of the Dallas Fuel.

The spectators could also be alternating into the teams, giving everyone a decent shake and opportunity to don the gray.


Presuming that this isn’t the greatest bait of 2020, this leads to some interesting findings: first, players of Overwatch League are frantically searching for teams to play in for the upcoming season, which matches the stream from ‘Masaa’ where he was frustrated about the current state of Overwatch League.

Big names are coming out for a team that allegedly won’t pay more than the league minimum wage.

Secondly, it does appear that Paris Eternal is readily considering a western-team instead of the arguable league-standard of South Korean teams.

There’s a world where we see Muma in gray on the stage with NotE, and that’s arguably an exciting prospect for both players and the upcoming league.

It’s unlikely that every name within the screenshot makes it into the team, and AVALLA clearly has her hands full with managing every aspect of the upcoming season that, thus far, has appeared to promise a rocky start for the organization even considering the delayed start.

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A large weight is being placed on the shoulders of the future Paris Eternal team, where their success and failures could be placed solely on AVALLA. The consequences of which are not yet entirely visible.