Overwatch League – Teams Make Light Of The Disappointing Delays Regarding Cyberpunk 2077

Overwatch League – Teams Make Light Of The Disappointing Delays Regarding Cyberpunk 2077
Credit: CD Projekt Red

Yes, the announcement stemming from CD Projekt Red regarding the additional delay of Cyberpunk 2077 was a bit frustrating for many, especially considering that the immediate day prior they publically confirmed on Twitter that there would be no further delays.

Yet, as the inexhaustible saying goes, a delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever.

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So we sit on our hands and wait, and presume that CD Projekt Red’s impeccable history they’ve cemented within PC gaming (and consoles) is not going to go to waste as they begin what could very well be the next massive IP from the Polish studio that burgeons into yet another legendary franchise.

If it makes you feel any better, the entire world is mourning that we’ll have to wait an additional 21 days for the title, and that includes the organizations within the Overwatch League; who would have thought that an esport organization surrounding video games would have commented on the video games, right?

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The Florida Mayhem have noted that the Dallas Fuel has already seemed to have signed the entirety of the free agents within the league, then states that they (as CD Projekt Red stated) test their ‘fun off-season content’ on everything ranging from the Xbox 720 to a Sega Dreamcast; the Google Stadia managed to get a mention in their fun as well.

There is, however, an alleged upcoming roster reveal coming from the team.

The Boston Uprising had a similar message to convey about how, even during the hardest times, they would never give you up.

The Boston Uprising were noticeably close on the take, rehashing the ill-timed announcement from CD Projekt Red that had more than a few befuddled, and many somehow upset that they have been effectively rickrolled by the Boston Uprising social media team instead of, as one user stated, they should be encouraging voters to head to the polls.

Everybody seems to be having a bit of fun as they make light of the unfortunate announcement, but the Philadelphia Fusion had a bit of a different note.

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At the core of every esport are people who just love video games, so it isn’t too strange to see multiple organizations weighing in with some fun to pass the time with a cultural piece, regardless of users somehow becoming frustrated.

We’re all binding together to collectively wish Cyberpunk 2077 into existence on its new release date. Here’s hoping it’s the last release date it will need.