Valorant Developer Riot Games Rolls Back Latest Patch After Labeling It A Technical Nightmare

Valorant Developer Riot Games Rolls Back Latest Patch After Labeling It A Technical Nightmare
Credit: Riot Games

Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you intended. Riot Games found this out rather swiftly with the release of their latest patch.

Valorant recently received a new patch with 1.11, but the patch has already been taken away. After labeling it a “technical nightmare” in the tweet we’ve embedded below, the development team behind the shooter decided to remove it completely.

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“In 30 minutes, we’ll be rolling back the patch for North America, Brazil, and LATAM [Latin America] (one at a time),” the developers wrote. “We’re also delaying all other regions until we get a fix.”

“We know we’ve said this every patch, but thanks for sticking by,” they continue in their lengthy tweet. “We’ll redeploy it later this week once we can figure out a less dirsuptive time for the VALORANT First Strike Qualifiers (and have a solution, obviously).”

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In terms of disruption, Riot also warns that players that have started the Skye character contract won’t be able to progress until the patch comes through properly. With the removal of the patch, this contract will not be pursuable for the time being.

Later on, Ziegler – the game director for Valorant – clarified what precisely they were doing with rolling back a patch. To paraphrase, Ziegler states that they’re putting the files back to the last state the game was in before the patch.

This means that they may remove files or change them back to their previous state. In terms of progress players made, however, there should be no change – this progress saves to a player’s account, and is unaffected.

This is also far from the first time that Valoranthas found themselves in this situation. As they state previously with their comment of saying this “every patch,” it really does seem a bit closer to the truth than people would like.

For some reason, nearly every Valorant patch has been met with this same issue of technical nightmarishness. Nearly every last patch release has been broken at launch, leaving players frustrated while developers scramble for some way to fix the issues.

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It’s unknown what precisely is leading the development team to constantly release such broken patches. It may be something caused by poor management and quality control, or it could be the mad dash to get content out and into the hands of the player base.

Whatever the reason, Valorant fans are just hoping Riot finds some way to fix it, as they’re rather tired of having to wait for a patch to be fixed every time before it’s playable. Hopefully, Riot is able to get their team together to help patches release in a proper working order.