Overwatch League – ‘Masaa’ Notes That Atlanta Reign Isn’t Helping The Finnish Player Find Residence

Overwatch League – ‘Masaa’ Notes That Atlanta Reign Isn’t Helping The Finnish Player Find Residence
Credit: ATL Reign via YouTube

If you watch enough Twitch in a desperate attempt to find aspects from professional players that aren’t willingly commentated on publically, you’re eventually sure to strike gold; professional players are still human, after all, and they have frustrations like the rest of us mere mortals.

Today, that strike of gold came from the newly signed main support player Petja ‘Masaa’ Kantanen for the Atlanta Reign noting that the player is having immense difficulties finding apartments within the new city, and he’s not finding much support from the Reign at the moment.

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Note: this clip contains extremely profane words; the clip is added for context.

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Petja notes that, as per his understanding, the Atlanta Reign is the only team that has the players source their own housing, and implies that he regrets signing with the team, but currently the Overwatch League is a bit murky in terms of who can count on having a team to play within.

The pickings are slim, and Petja Kantanen states that he regrets jumping at the chance. He furthers that if it wasn’t for COVID at the moment, which is helping scatter Overwatch League at the moment during the offseason in what has been referred to as the ‘Thanos snap’, he wouldn’t have opted to sign.

It has been noted that the Atlanta Reign has sent the contract to the wrong address incorrectly twice before, and Petja is known for speaking his mind about ongoing; an aspect that some find ‘refreshing’ and others find ‘unprofessional’.

The Twitch VOD was deleted shortly after being captured and posted (by user dredapld) on Reddit which was then converted to Streamable prior to the clip being deleted.

Petja arrived in the Reddit thread where the VOD was posted to state that the Atlanta Reign are subsidizing the apartment, but it’s currently an additional stressor, especially as a foreigner that simply doesn’t understand how apartment hunting works in the United States.

Presuming that Petja is speaking truthfully within the thread, it makes a bit more sense as to why the Finnish player is so unbelievably tilted within the clip: we’ve reached out to the Atlanta Reign on Twitter to figure out their statement in all of this, and have not yet been replied to.

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We will update this article if a statement, preferably one where they note that they are ensuring the foreign player has assistance in finding residence, is offered from the Overwatch League team.