Blizzard Unveils New Story Trailer For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Blizzard Unveils New Story Trailer For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Blizzard came out of the gates with some massive announcements today, finally helping to soothe some of the issues that have been plaguing the mind of the millions of World of Warcraft players looking forward to the upcoming expansion.

Today, the developers came with the announcement that the highly-anticipated World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion would be released. Players can expect to step into the Shadowlands on November 23rd.

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But that wasn’t all the developers came out with – players also were informed that they’d be stepping into the Scourge Invasion on November 10th. Finally, the Castle Nathria raid can be expected on December 8th, with the mythic difficulty following shortly thereafter.

Blizzard also dropped a trailer that helps to show the trailer for the players stepping into the storyline of the title. The trailer, embedded below, is a quick minute that shows a brief overview of the storylines that we can expect.

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A few moments stick out more than others, such as the sight of Nathanos Blightcaller fighting some unseen enemies – though it isn’t hard to assume that the beings he’s struggling against are us, the players, and our allies working to bring him to justice.

Another glimpse shows Sylvanas talking, though it’s unknown who she’s speaking to. The fallen Windrunner sister states that “nothing is fair – not life, not death. But through the Jailer, control of our fate will at last be possible.”

From there, the Jailer himself walks forward – a being seemingly defined by pure darkness and death. The Jailer states that there’s nowhere one can hide from Death – it comes for us all. A nice touch of existential nightmarishness to step into the afterlife with!

We see minions of Sire Denathrius chasing down a few Venthyr, with two being abducted by what seem to be gargoyles before one is cut in half. From there, we also see the Winter Queen of Ardenweald, stating the grimness of the task at hand.

Amidst it all, one can see Nathanos pinned to the wall by an arrow as Tyrande Whisperwind, imbued with the power of the Night Warrior, rushes towards him. We also hear Sylvanas stating that they’ll “tear it all down,” seeming to hint that her goals are to destroy creation itself and leave everyone’s fate in their own hands.

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Regardless of what the story might bring, one thing seems certain – the journey into the Shadowlands will be bringing us into one of the most grandiose and existential storylines yet.