Images Of Hideo Kojima’s Overdose’s Superb Potato Quality Have Leaked Online

Images Of Hideo Kojima’s Overdose’s Superb Potato Quality Have Leaked Online
Credit: gamer

Two extremely grainy photos of Hideo Kojima’s Overdose have been discovered online. These images appear to depict the same video that was purportedly found earlier this Summer.

The fact that Hideo Kojima is working on a new game called Overdose is currently one of the worst-kept secrets in the gaming industry. It was previously anticipated that it would be announced during the Summer Game Fest after a teaser was sent around and then described by those with knowledge of the matter. However, it is now believed to be the cloud project that Kojima is working on with Xbox.

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At the time, only a screenshot of the video’s logo and a description of the trailer were available to the public; nobody outside a small circle of insiders had ever seen the full trailer. However, the trailer is being passed around once more, as two screenshots from the trailer have already been discovered online in a gloriously potato-quality format.

We won’t be releasing the screenshots here, but they appear to depict Margaret Qualley, who is rumored to play the primary heroine in Overdose, moving around in some abandoned house while wearing a blue dress. Unfortunately, the screenshots are inferior, making it difficult to make out much of anything; nonetheless, the video clip identifies Qualley as the person in question.

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Tom Henderson, a gaming insider, broke the news via Insider Gaming. There, he confirmed that the clip was what he had initially seen earlier this year, which suggests that it’s the same trailer that was seen before and is now being shared by a few more people. Insider Gaming is a website that covers the gaming industry.