Accusations That Streamer Dream Preyed On Young Girls

Accusations That Streamer Dream Preyed On Young Girls
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Dream, a widely-known content maker, has recently been accused of sexually grooming minors. A sizable portion of his fanbase reacted negatively to the news, and for a short time, Dream is a freak trended on Twitter. However, Dream, best known for his Minecraft live streams on YouTube, shot to fame last month after posting a photo of himself online for the first time.

Dot Esports was the first to report on a series of severe allegations made by a Twitter user who claims to have been groomed by the streamer in 2020. The user declares that Dream made multiple approaches toward her before finally asking her to his place.

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The user’s age at the time of the occurrence was reported to be 17. Even though the original posts have been removed, another TikTok user going by the name of Amanda has made very similar claims, saying that she, too, was fostered by Dream on Instagram and Snapchat beginning on September 23, 2020. As Amanda explained, she turned 17 at the time.

After uploading multiple videos to TikTok on the subject, Amada wrote on Twitter, “Here’s my evidence.” I was 17. He also included a photo of his nut with the photograph of his penis he emailed me. He boasted that his chest was bursting with various sexual implements.

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I didn’t screencap his Snapchat communications since I didn’t want to lose his trust just because he was sexting me as a typical groomer would. He was my favorite YouTuber.

Amanda explained what had occurred to her in the TikTok videos, explaining that it was because she was a Dream stan. The user mentioned that he hoped I would earn his trust. I had the impression that I was getting closer to one of my favorite YouTubers, but I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Grooming consists of content producers treating you like a valuable asset while simultaneously extracting value from you to satisfy their selfish needs.