New To The Fortnite Item Shop: The X-23 Adamantium Claws

New To The Fortnite Item Shop: The X-23 Adamantium Claws
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The Marvel hero X-23 is now playable in Fortnite and can be acquired through the game’s item shop. At this point, playing Fortnite is like having access to a massive online playroom. What was once intended to be a competitor to PUBG and was built on the base of a tower defense game that was less than successful became, very fast, the standard that the world’s most successful franchises tried to achieve.

Fortnite had an appealing gimmick and engaging gameplay that attracted a lot of players because of its ability to curate crossovers left and right with other games, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and other large franchises. In addition, Fortnite was able to cross over with other games regularly.

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Its use of these crossovers, combined with its relatively unique battle pass mechanism, was massive, and it has transformed the way many online games organize themselves as a result. In addition, the game frequently adds lucrative a la carte skins that players can purchase for a limited time, which makes the experience even better than it already is.

X-23, Wolverine’s biological daughter and his successor, has just been added to the Item Shop as the newest available item. Although the character has been in the comics for some years at this point, Logan is often regarded as the work that first presented him to a larger public. As a result, the character has been added to the Item Shop along with some other goodies, like the fact that her claws are coated in adamantium exactly like Wolverine’s are.

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Fortnite is in the middle of its fourth season of chapter 3, which has seen the addition of other Marvel heroes like Spider-Gwen to the game. In addition, because Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is on the horizon, many different characters will probably be added to the game in the following months. It’s too early to tell for sure, but we may get a new Black Panther or Iron Heart skin shortly!