Recent Sales Of Soul Hackers 2, According To Sega’s Financial Report, Have Fallen Short Of Projections

Recent Sales Of Soul Hackers 2, According To Sega’s Financial Report, Have Fallen Short Of Projections
Credit: IGN

According to Sega’s most recent earnings report, sales of the Shin Megami Tensei spinoff Soul Hackers 2 have been less than anticipated. The first Soul Hackers was a cyberpunk spinoff of the Shin Megami Tensei series, and its sequel, Soul Hackers 2, is the series continuation. As a result, you’ll find familiar franchise staples like the demon fusion mechanic still present. After a long hiatus, Soul Hackers 2 has finally returned, and it’s coming out for every central console save the Nintendo Switch.

Soul Hackers 2 generally received positive reviews from critics but has received mixed reactions from fans. Though some well-received the story and characters in Soul Hackers 2, others heavily panned the game. Some examples of this are the game’s design, the DLC system, and the lack of creativity in the dungeon layout. In addition, low sales can be attributed to the game’s hostile reception from fans, which Sega has commented on.

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When asked about Soul Hackers 2’s projected sales volume, Haruki Satomi and Koichi Fukazawa said the game is struggling to fulfill expectations during a recent investor Q&A session accompanying the company’s financial reports for the second half of the fiscal year.

However, since they believe the game has potential for long-term sales, they want to keep it updated to boost its popularity and, ultimately, revenue. So, this month, look for an upgrade that enhances the quality of life and adds new demons.

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It’s unusual for Sega to say that it’s “happy” with an Atlus game or that the game has outperformed sales projections, so the fact that Soul Hackers 2 fell short is puzzling. Because of this, many gamers blame Atlus and Sega for the poor sales.

This includes minimal promotion, a questionable premise in which the game is both a direct sequel to the original and a continuation of the Persona series, and a release date that is too near to the more significant multiplatform premiere of Persona 5 Royal.