68,000 Servers And 55 Million Accounts Are Banned By Discord

68,000 Servers And 55 Million Accounts Are Banned By Discord
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Approximately 55,573,411 accounts and 68,379 servers were disabled between January and June of 2022, according to the quarterly safety report provided by the social media network Discord. As stated by the corporation, most of them were taken offline due to spam or fraud-related crimes.

In comparison, the number of user accounts that were deactivated for reasons other than spam was deficient, totaling only 1,821,721. Most of the time, this category’s bans were issued because of concerns about children’s welfare or because of unwanted or exploitative content.

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In a general sense, Discord was correct in terminating these user accounts and shutting down the impacted servers. However, only 2% of appeals were upheld in the first quarter and 1% in the second quarter of this year, indicating that out of the 235,945 users who sought a review of their suspension, only 3,098 were allowed back onto the site.

At Discord, our goal is to foster communities that are warm and inviting, places where individuals may identify with a group to which they belong. According to the most current report, Discord stated, “We know that safety enables users to find a sense of belonging, and that is why protection is one of our most significant investments and goals.”

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Our business places a very high value on employee well-being and safety. Approximately 15% of all Discord employees are committed to this area, and every employee is responsible for ensuring that Discord is a safe place to use.

Discord took action on 24 percent of reported offenses from January through March and 22 percent of reported violations from April through June this year. According to the same source, the business announced that customers could dispute measures taken on their accounts if they consider that the enforcement was performed incorrectly.