HyperX Now Ships Gaming Peripherals For Playstation 4, Kingston’s Gaming Division Takes Pride In These Licensed Products

HyperX Now Ships Gaming Peripherals For Playstation 4, Kingston’s Gaming Division Takes Pride In These Licensed Products
Credit: HyperX via YouTube

Kingston’s brand of gaming peripherals, HyperX, has finally started shipping two new products for PlayStation 4.

On Monday, Nov. 18, the gaming division of the American multinational company made a big revelation. This could have been a piece of great news for PS4 users.

Two new models of headsets for the Sony gaming console are now available for delivery. This means that gamers can already enjoy the anticipated benefits of using the newly released HyperX Cloud headsets. These are the Stinger and Chat models.

The manufacturer claimed in a statement that its new offerings could make the gaming experience even better. Accordingly, video game players could feel the comfort and convenience of using the latest PS4 HyperX gaming peripherals. The sound quality is said to be “superior,” thus, gamers would further love playing their favorite titles.

The brand’s console business senior manager, Andrew Ewing, shared that they have continued to expand the line for PS4. And these are all licensed, which makes their products worthy of trust.

The latest additions to the list of PlayStation 4 licensed HyperX gaming peripherals boast of specs that gamers would love.

The HyperX Cloud Chat comes with the following features:

• For gamers who are into communicating with others when playing, this variant guarantees clear audio. Thanks to its 40-millimeter driver!

• Adjusting the audio or sound volume is easy, too. The flexible microphone allows for noise cancellation. Meanwhile, the audio control (in-line) gives the option to increase or decrease the sound level it produces. The microphone can be muted as well through this control.

• The design of the Chat variant is reversible. In short, no matter which ear it would be used, it will still fit. In the meantime, its lightweight material gives much-needed comfort among gamers.

Overall, this model of the two latest HyperX gaming peripherals for PS4 lets users have fun. This is possible by making them experience what a real home theater is while talking clearly with others.

On the other hand, the HyperX Cloud Stinger features the following:

• This model has direction drivers, particularly the 50mm option. These are important in providing precision ad crisp into every sound that comes from the unit.

• It has a volume slider (on-board) for volume adjustment. At the same time, users just need to adjust the swivel to mute the microphone.

• Its earcups can be rotated 90 degrees for a more comfortable fit.

• The licensed PS4 headset only weight 275 grams, which makes it extra lightweight for added comfort.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger, according to Ewing, is “unmatched” when it comes to the audio experience it gives. As a result, the company describes it as one of the “best values” that the gaming community can ever have.

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