Alienware’s Recent AW2521HF Gaming Monitor Comes With A 24.5 Monitor With A Native Refresh Rate Of Up To 240Hz

Alienware’s Recent AW2521HF Gaming Monitor Comes With A 24.5 Monitor With A Native Refresh Rate Of Up To 240Hz
Credit: Dell

The AW2521HF is a gaming monitor introduced by Alienware. It comes with a 24.5’ monitor with a native refresh rate of up to 240Hz that is insanely fast at 1 ms GtG with an equally fast response time.

This monitor has a useful feature of having the ability to be overclocked to a new refresh rate of 360Hz, while simultaneously having support for both AMD’s FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA’s G-SYNC.

The fact is that if gamers are already playing on a 1080 resolution screen, they can better experience a 360 Hz monitor working in all its glory. This happens because Alienware is making use of an IPS-panel type for the monitor instead of a TN-panel.

The question would be, what effect does the difference depict? The point of using an IPS-panel type enables the monitor to maintain a 99% RGB color view, allowing players to view their game footage in full detail.

On top of that, as stated before, “the monitor features a 24.5” screen size that is right for eSports gaming and high-speed gaming setups. Also, the thin partition to the screen helps make the monitor ideal for both a single-screen and multi-monitor gaming layouts.

Another important question would be, ‘how can one change any of the monitor settings?’ Since the monitor has a Dynamic on-screen display, players would be able to quickly and efficiently have a smooth transition between customizable preset game modes.

For its design, it can be termed fantastic. The AW2521HF gaming monitor features Alienware’s Legend industrial design. However, this current design features a new iconic and bolder expression of the brand’s style.

On top of the Legend industrial design, this monitor also comes with support for AlienFX. AlienFX is the fully customizable lighting system that is exclusive to only Alienware that allows users to make use of the lightning meant for the rear of the monitor to be utilized during in-game actions or to be controlled by the user.

In terms of its connectivity, the AW2521HF features a total of dual HDMI video inputs and a single DisplayPort. These ports can be found at the back of the monitor and the inputs, totaling three USB 3.0 Gen 1 ports.

One of the ports comes with functionality for Power Charging, and it can found on the bottom edge of the monitor for smooth access and a single phone connector, ‘also known as a headphone.’

Dell is yet to announce a date when it will be available; however, Dell stated that the AW2521HF would drop later this year in a “Dark Side of the Moon” color scheme.