Even Down To Its Retracted Tentacles A Pokemon Fan Has 3D-Printed An Exact Duplicate Of Bulbasaur

Even Down To Its Retracted Tentacles A Pokemon Fan Has 3D-Printed An Exact Duplicate Of Bulbasaur
Credit: IGN

A Bulbasaur with retractable vines was built, 3D printed and displayed by an inventive Pokemon fan. As a result, many more enthusiasts have expressed interest in printing or purchasing copies of the original design.

As one of the original Pokemon, Bulbasaur has been a fan favorite across all generations of Pokemon games. Although hundreds of new Pokemon have been added to the series since the Gen 1 Grass/Poison-type has managed to retain popularity thanks to its adorable appearance, nostalgic value, and the valuable abilities its evolutionary line may lend to a player’s squad.

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There have probably been thousands upon thousands of Bulbasaur toys made over the years, but creating one from scratch is extraordinary. One online user, twolf201 of Reddit, did just that to show off the concept. The Bulbasaur is unpainted but has the same shape and expression as the Grass/Poison beginning Pokémon. However, its distinguishing feature is that, when twisted, it releases two tendrils, the precursor to Bulbasaur’s trademark Vine Whip move, which any Pokemon fan would recognize.

Commenters have been effusive in their praise for twolf201, demonstrating their enjoyment of the design. As mentioned in the post, Pokemon enthusiasts who have access to a 3D printer can purchase the files from twolf201’s Etsy site. A supporter of the concept expressed interest in a variant with the ability to grind garlic with its vines.

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By itself, Bulbasaur has sparked many fan creations, from Etch-a-Sketch self-portraits to fan-made Pokemon with unusual abilities. However, even though there will be new Pokemon in the form of Scarlet and Violet, there are still more innovative designs based on Bulbasaur to emerge, as it has retained its appeal for over 25 years.

twolf201, who earlier produced a Lickitung with a retractable tongue that seems to employ a similar ratcheting mechanism to the Bulbasaur, is just one example of the many fans who have been designing and selling their versions of Pokemon using this media.