Fans Feel That Pokemon Scarlet And Pokemon Violet Waste Greavard’s Potential By Adding It To The Pokedex

Fans Feel That Pokemon Scarlet And Pokemon Violet Waste Greavard’s Potential By Adding It To The Pokedex
Credit: IGN

In talking about the new dog monster in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, enthusiasts have pointed out that its ability presents a significant missed opportunity. New for this Halloween is the Ghost-type Pokemon Greavard.

The official English site for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet provided players with a wealth of information on Greavard. Everything from a sneak peek at Pokedex entry to how it interacts with its environment and trainer is all fair game regarding revealing the creature’s ability. Most, if not all, Greavard fans will have the ability Pickup, which allows it to pick up items from the ground as gifts for its owner as long as it is not currently holding something.

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The webpage also claims that a bite from a Greavard may break bones. As a result, some fans are perplexed and amused by the fact that Pickup, and not Strong Jaw, is listed as one of the Pokemon’s abilities. Reddit user ionblazer is just one fan who has made a meme in response to the event.

Ability Strong Jaw increases the destructive potential of bite attacks. Greavard should have it because it boosts the effectiveness of any spell that involves biting an opponent. In the comments of ionblazer’s post, fans have been debating whether or not the Ghost-type Pokemon will have the secret skill Strong Jaw.

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When Pokemon with the ability Pickup develop, they typically lose it in favor of a new ability. Examples include the transformation of Meowth and Aipom into Persian and Ambipom. Since this is the case, many would-be players are crossing their fingers that Greavard will eventually grow into a massive creature with Strong Jaw.

As of yet, it is unclear if the new dog-like creature will be capable of evolving, and it is speculated that, without the option to breed, it will be more challenging than ever to unlock the game’s secret talents. Others who like to prepare their teams in advance will benefit from knowing Greavard’s ability.