Amouranth And Indiefoxx Banned On Twitch At The Same Time

Amouranth And Indiefoxx Banned On Twitch At The Same Time
Credit: Twitch

It looks like both Amouranth and Indiefoxx have been banned on Twitch. Before their bans, both streams were live with close to 20,000 viewers, but reports are that both streams went down at the same time. Amouranth then took to Twitter to confirm her ban, although it was a lighthearted approach – “One like = one second shorter ban.

This comes after the recent switch from Twitch to try and move the streamer’s content into the Pools & Hot Tubs section. This decidedly smaller category on Twitch obviously didn’t suit the two warring streamers, who have spent the last week in the ASMR section…licking.

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Bans are evidently not a permanent thing on Twitch. Both streamers have faced bans in the past. And much like in the past, it isn’t unlike Twitch to down both streams without warning. It’s pretty clear neither Indiefoxx nor Amouranth was aware that their channels were about to be taken down. Indiefoxx replied to a Tweet saying: “They saw how hard we were working and let us take the weekend off.”

This ban follows the recent discussion about the future of Twitch and the direction that certain creators were taking on the platform. In a previous press release, Twitch informed the stream-watching public that being attractive is not against the rules and that they would not censor creators from doing their thing. It seems like ASMR ear-licking might have pushed that a bit too far.

Ludwig, another popular streamer on the platform, recently pointed out that the ASMR section does not receive a “Mature” rating when visited on the site, even by those without an account. There is no doubt that both Amouranth’s and Indiefoxx’s content was mature. The fact that this content could be viewed by anyone, of any age, is clearly problematic.

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In what seemed like a long-fought battle, both Amouranth and Indiefoxx streamed simultaneously, often with similar content that pushed the boundaries of Twitch TOS. A race, really, to get as many viewers as possible. Several content creators have spoken out about the state of Twitch at the moment, including Ludwig, Mizkif, and Asmon. Twitch TOS staff have clearly listened to what they, and many others, had to say.

How long this current ban will last isn’t clear yet. Both streamers are probably looking forward to a weekend off from streaming. Whether or not they will be allowed back onto the platform is likely something that will be announced by Twitch in the next couple of days.