Low-Poly Ecosystem Survival Simulator Ecoser Now Live On Kickstarter

Low-Poly Ecosystem Survival Simulator Ecoser Now Live On Kickstarter
Credit: Snow Angel Studios via YouTube

Solo development studio Snow Angel Studios has launched its Kickstarter for Ecoser. The developer is seeking funds to finish the game plus cover the costs related to production without compromising the game’s quality.

Ecoser is an ecosystem-driven survival-based game. Players are tasked with the long-term goal of building up a living creature but causing as little damage to the ecosystem as possible. The game has low polygon graphics, but its characters and environments are colorful.

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The main characters, which includes the player, are part of the Eepers. The Eepers are raised and taught how to live within the environment. They will have to ensure that if they hunt animals for food, there are enough animals who survive, so they don’t become extinct.

If trees are needed to build structures, new trees must be replanted. The town can also be built in more environmentally-friendly ways.

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The environment can be just as harmful as the Eepers. The weather and nature can provide to be a tough opponent. Within the forests are also aggressive wildlife who may try and hunt those hunting them.

The game changes with each playthrough. The game is randomly generated with each playthrough. At the beginning of the game, players will learn how to coexist with their environment, plus build shelters, capture and domesticate animals, gather recourses, and defend their character.

Actions have consequences, so players will have to play carefully. One example the Kickstarter uses is regarding the environment. If players spend too much time cutting down trees, they may form deforestation attributes. Animals will begin to flee the forest, trees will take longer to grow, and the number of predators will increase.

Regarding the game, Adam Stankiewicz, solo dev at Snow Angel Studios, stated:

Your goal in Ecoser is not to dominate the world but merely to coexist with the environment and sustain yourself without destroying that around you.

The game does not have a set release date at this time. The developer plans on releasing a worldwide public beta on December 17. Snow Angel Studios continues to be in communication with its backers. So far, there has been a Q&A session for anyone who has questions. Anyone interested in the game was welcome to join.

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The Ecoser Kickstarter campaign is currently live and will run until April 12.