The Phasmophobia Discord Channel At Kinetic Games Has Been Charged Of Harboring A Sexually Harassing User

The Phasmophobia Discord Channel At Kinetic Games Has Been Charged Of Harboring A Sexually Harassing User
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The creators of the indie horror game Phasmophobia, Kinectic Games, have been charged with harboring a sex pest on the game’s official Discord channel, where the administrator has been caught making racist comments and suspected of uploading nudes.

CrownedCollider, a Twitter user, said that the Phasmophobia developers are protecting a sex pest by maintaining him as admin in the official discord and not investigating the claims against him. In reaction, CrownedCollider advised people to stop playing Phasmaphobia and posted many screenshots of a discussion with the game’s art lead, cjdxn, on Twitter, in which cjdxn defends the admin, who goes by the name Charcoal Salamander on Discord, for posting nude images.

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He can be heard saying, “The entire sharing nudes issue, he’s specifically indicated he didn’t ask for them, she gave them anyhow at her own risk,” in the screenshots of the chat with the art lead that was later displayed alongside a screen recording to confirm their veracity. So, it’s not inappropriate if he wants to gift them to a partner. The team’s art director then compares the situation to a “manhunt” for Charcoal Salamander.

Charcoal Salamander has been accused of more than just nudity sharing. A video posted by CrownedCollider shows the admin making racial remarks to another user of the Discord server, one of which is “should I speak in Chinese then?” when the user complains of squinting and then claims that their yellow fever diagnosis gives them license to crack jokes about it.

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Charcoal Salamander was banned from the Discord channel and the game’s art head, CJ, issued a statement after a tweet about the moderator posted by CrownedCollider went viral. They stated that one of our Discord administrators had been accused of posting racist and offensive comments and images. After reviewing the evidence, we have decided to kick that admin out of the Discord team permanently, and he will not be welcome back.