Phasmophobia’s New Prison Level Looks Chilling Based On New Screenshots From Developer

Phasmophobia’s New Prison Level Looks Chilling Based On New Screenshots From Developer
Credit: GameCornerZ via YouTube

If you’ve contemplated the idea of becoming a ghost hunter, you haven’t had many offerings to choose from. That’s why Phasmophobia — the new ghost hunting game from Kinetic Games — has managed to attract so many fans right out of the gate.

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We’re well into November and it’s still putting up impressive numbers on Steam. It’s clear the developer has a pretty big hit on their hands, whether it’s the co-op design or the creepy sensation players have as they try to make contact with the other side.

There are currently a decent offering of maps that players can enjoy, ranging from small to large in size. You have Tanglewood Street House — which is on the smaller side — and then you have the largest map in the game in Asylum.

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One map that is steadily gaining buzz the closer we get to its release is the new prison level. According to Kinetic Games, it will be medium in size. And fortunately because they recently shared screenshots of the new level, we don’t have to remain in suspense wondering what it will look like.

Now considering the screenshots don’t have a lot of light playing in their favor, it’s a little difficult to make out the intricacies. What can be distinguished in one of the shots is a security fence with barbed wire at the top.

You can also see a tower off in the distance where normally guards would position themselves, as to have a good vantage point of the prison’s exterior.

Another screenshot shows a cell block, which according to the developer in the description, is currently a work in progress. That’s pretty much all of the details we have at the moment, but initial impressions are positive overall.

Kinetic Games has created a compelling and fun experience where players get to team up and work as a unit all while using ghost-hunting equipment. It’s a beautiful recipe for fun. This prison level could enhance that fun even further, as well as become one of more distinct maps that has shown up in the game thus far.

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Hopefully, the developer can finish up the rest of the details as quickly as possible because fans are excited to venture through the haunting and mysterious cells. Prison is naturally a scary place to be so the fact that the developer is adding ghosts to the mix has mass appeal right out of the gate. Fans are in for a fright.