The Ghost Hunter Phasmophobia Is Doing Quite Well On Steam Right Now

The Ghost Hunter Phasmophobia Is Doing Quite Well On Steam Right Now
Credit: IGN via YouTube

October is a fantastic month for horror games. From new titles to terrifying classics, this month is a time for celebrating all that is spooky and haunting in the video game industry.

If you’re looking for a new horror game to play perhaps with a couple of friends, then Phasmophobia has you covered. It’s a psychological horror game about paranormal activity and has been out since September 18th.

Ever since its Early Access launch, it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Gamers are receptive to its co-op design and creepy atmosphere. Teaming up with a couple of friends and trying your luck at ghost hunting is a recipe that just gets better each time you come back to Phasmophobia.

The game has done so well since launching in Early Access — in fact — that it’s one of the best sellers on this platform currently. That’s pretty impressive because there are a lot of decent offerings that it has had to compete with.

October is in full swing and it’s clear gamers have ghost fever. Phasmophobia is just the title to satisfy your desires to be a ghost hunter looking to shed some light on paranormal events.

Once you get onsite, you’ll get to use a wide variety of ghost detection equipment including EMF readers and spirit boxes. Use them wisely and you’ll gain actual evidence of spirits from the other side. Fail and you’ll be wishing you were back in your safe place.

The developer has created a particularly immersive experience with the locations’ realistic details. You feel like you’re actually there with the ghosts as you try to figure out exactly what they want in the dark. The game also supports VR, which takes immersion to the next level.

That being said, you don’t have to have a VR headset to experience this game’s unique premise and realistic details. Cross-platform support is available to ensure you can still get in a session with friends or players you’ve just met.

The fact that there is plenty of variety to the ghosts your team comes in contact with also has helped Phasmophobia soar to the top of the Steam charts quickly. Each type has different behavior and requires a unique approach.

Whether you’re into ghosts or just looking for some scares this month, Phasmophobia constantly delivers tension that is always warranted in a psychological horror game. As time goes on, expect it to get even better.