Budget Cuts VR Is Now Available For The PSVR

Budget Cuts VR Is Now Available For The PSVR
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There are a lot of VR headsets available on the marketplace right now. They vary in price and features, but in terms of games, one of the better offerings is still the PSVR for PS4.

Even still today, it receives a lot of great titles that give players plenty of unique and immersive experiences to look forward to. Just recently, Budget Cuts VR was added to the platform.

It’s a pretty solid VR offering all around for PSVR users. The story follows a pretty normal employee at a mega conglomerate corporation, TransCorp. It seems like just another day at the office, and then robots show up to outsource humans.

Sounds like something that could actually happen in the not too distant future. As this employee sees a co-worker dragged off to HR by these robots, he quickly realizes he’s in the fight of his life.

As you move throughout the offices to figure out a way to stop this evil robot regime, you’ll have to sneak around and time your attacks carefully. The developer hasn’t left you empty-handed, fortunately. You have a pair of letter openers. They may seem useless against these powerful robots, but they can deal a ton of damage in epic close quarters combat.

The fact that Budget Cuts is a VR title just further immerses you into the action. You feel like a robot invasion has actually occurred and if you don’t play your cards right, you’ll be sent off to HR just like the rest of your staff.

There are other tools in Budget Cuts as well, such as a special beam that lets you see through walls like Superman. It certainly comes in handy when you’re moving through an unfamiliar area. Rather than walking through without any hesitation, you can take a peak and see where these robots are positioned.

If you’re into VR and have a PSVR, Budget Cuts is worth its asking price. It takes a unique concept and executes it perfectly. The stealth aspect will have you on edge and the surprisingly graphic combat will leave you feeling highly satisfied.

You have to stand up to these robots before all of humanity is lost all because of greedy efforts from TransCorp. They may not have taken you seriously, but you’ll have your vengeance one way or another. Just be ready for some epic robot conflict at every turn. This game throws a lot at you quickly.