Resident Evil Village’s Latest Trailer Highlights Inspirations Behind The Setting And Scary Elements

Resident Evil Village’s Latest Trailer Highlights Inspirations Behind The Setting And Scary Elements
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The next chapter in the storied Resident Evil franchise is Village, a follow up to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Capcom is continuing the story of Ethan Winters in this eighth main installment, who appears to be up against some pretty tough odds.

Village is currently targeted for 2021, but in the couple of trailers that have already come out, it looks like a very unique survival-horror experience. It’s almost like this game could be apart of a totally different franchise. This is particularly evident with the folklore elements.

Capcom is taking this series down a different path and that’s very important considering how long this franchise has been going. After so many years, developers have to innovate to keep fans excited about what the future holds.

The evil featured in Village looks to be like the darkest yet. If you’ve wondered about this aspect along with the fear that Village engenders, then you’ll be pleased to know a new trailer was just put out.

It features conversations with Morimasa Sato (Director), Tomonori Takano (Art Director), and Peter Fabiano (Producer). They start off talking about the direction they wanted to take Village. Ethan Winters was such a fascinated protagonist in Resident Evil 7 that it was really a no brainer for him to reprise his role so that fans could see what awaits him next.

Then the art director breaks down inspirations for Village’s main setting. Capcom wanted the world to be both beautiful and terrifying. These are two descriptions that describe the setting perfectly. There is so much detail and yet you just know there are evil threats lurking about.

The scale is also talked about. When you think of a village, a small and quaint town might come to mind. That’s not the characteristics featured in this game. The landscapes are sprawling and it seems like the mountains and woods could go on for ever. That really comes through in the couple of trailers that fans have been privy too.

As far as the fear aspect in Village, Capcom wanted to take elements in Resident Evil 7 and improve upon them. They want to take players on a startling experience all the way through. If you fancy yourself a survival-horror fan, then that’s great to hear and shows a lot of surprises are in store. Then taking into account that the game has a first-person perspective and that’s a recipe for a terrifying, yet fun experience.