Mojang Studios Adding A Long-Awaited Feature To PlayStation Version of Minecraft, PS VR Support

Mojang Studios Adding A Long-Awaited Feature To PlayStation Version of Minecraft, PS VR Support
Credit: Playstation Blog

Mojang Studios has continuously been upgrading Minecraft for a variety of different devices and editions; the edition that is across most devices is the Bedrock edition, which is on devices including PC, Consoles, Switch, and is even available on most Smart Phones. While the Bedrock edition has been updated across the plethora of devices, including the Switch, which has had a few issues after one of the most recent updates, the Nether Update, some of these issues include the game crashing and even crashing other games.

One console that the Bedrock version of Minecraft isn’t able to be installed on is the Playstation; the Playstation has it’s own version of Minecraft, and while it still receives updates, one of the most requested feature, adding PS VR support, has now been fulfilled by Mojang Studios.

A request that Mojang Studios has gotten countless times is to add PS VR support to the Playstation Edition of Minecraft.

This request for a considerable amount of time has gone unanswered but now has planned to be added to the Playstation Edition of Minecraft.

While the feature isn’t currently implemented into the game itself, the feature has been officially planned to release, and the timeframe for large updates usually takes a considerable amount of time. Still, the PS VR update is stated to release within this month.

One interesting fact about PS VR support is that it has been planned since Mojang Studios got the approval to bring cross-platform play, which allows Bedrock edition players to play with Playstation edition players.

The main question wasn’t if the developers would add support; it was when the developers would add support for the PS VR.

On the Playstation blog, there were new details released and explained about how PS VR players would play Minecraft in this unique immersive experience.

Playstation Minecraft players will need a Playstation VR headset to enjoy this mode, and the players will utilize their DualShock 4 controller to move around in their world. This more immersive experience has been one that the Bedrock edition has had for quite a while.

In that same blog, it’s noted that the Minecraft PS VR experience is based on the already existing Minecraft VR technology that was developed for the Bedrock a few years back.