Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.2 Pre-Release 3 Is Currently Available, Providing Numerous Fixes

Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.2 Pre-Release 3 Is Currently Available, Providing Numerous Fixes
Credit: Mojang Studios

Mojang Studios has released numerous updates to Minecraft Java edition since the Nether Updated, these come in the forms of pre-release updated and are often small bug fixes before the final release. Mojang Studios has released a snapshot of 1.16.2 pre-release 3, which offers several fixes to the game.

The first fix that this pre-release takes care of is the fact that wet wolves can be rendered nearly entirely black in dark areas. This most likely happened due to the rendering issue that wolves had in general, this rendering issue led wolfs to be rendered too dark when not directly affected by a skylight.

The second main fix, and a fix that many creators have been asking for, is that Armor Stands to render themself and their equipment dark if the stand was inside a solid block. The armor stand needs to have the marker set to one. This bug has caused many creators who use armor stands in complicated builds many headaches.

Another fix that the third pre-release takes care of is the fact that Piston arm can appear twice during retraction in some mechanisms.

This didn’t affect the performance of the piston but was a visual glitch that caused some creators not to use pistons at all.

Another issue that this pre-release fixes with piston are the fact that Ghost Blocks can be generated in some piston setups.

In some cases, the front piston will get pulled back, and the block will get pulled back, but a ghost block will be generated as if the front piston extended.

Some other issues that this pre-release fix is when pressing the F3 and D buttons it clears the pending lines, but not it doesn’t clear the pending messages as well. This way, any pending messages won’t be erased as well; another issue is that the console spam of “No key position_predicate in MapLike.”

These fixes offer better performance for Minecraft clients and less spam in the messages for your  Minecraft client.

This pre-release can be downloaded from the Minecraft Java launcher, and this is available in the snapshot profile. The 1.16.2 pre-release 2 has fixed a variety of issues as well, and the main gameplay issue includes the fact that Crimson and Warped Roots no longer require shears when mined.