Several Distinct Monsters From The Game Of Minecraft Have Been Given Different Kinds From The World Of Pokemon By One Person

Several Distinct Monsters From The Game Of Minecraft Have Been Given Different Kinds From The World Of Pokemon By One Person
Credit: IGN

One fan recently combined the worlds of Minecraft and Pokemon by giving different mobs different kinds. There are many other animals and creatures in Minecraft for players to interact with, ranging from friendly Glowing Squid to blatantly antagonistic Zombies. Likewise, the Pokemon universe features a variety of various types that define creatures’ characteristics, including their strengths and weaknesses.

An Enderman, Allay, Warden, Glow Squid, Blaze, Phantom, Axolotl, Zombie, Husk, and Drowned are depicted in this fan art, along with their corresponding Pokemon types, which are shown below. Four of these mobs are designated by U/3tigrestristes as having a single class: Endermen are Psychic, Allays are Fairy, Blazes are Fire, and Zombies are classified as Normal. In addition, the artist labels the remaining six Minecraft enemies as dual-type Pokemon.

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Glow Squids mix Water and Electric, the scary Warden combines Dark and Rock, and Phantoms combine Ghost and Flying. In addition, the Husks combine Ground and Normal, Drowned have Normal and Water and the Axolotl combines Ground and Fairy.

The mobs depicted here are some of the most easily recognized in Minecraft, and the artist did well to pair them with appropriate Pokemon types.

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By letting their actions and outward appearance determine their typing, they appear to be employing a tactic akin to that used in the Pokemon video game series. For instance, the Phantom is a blue and white flying and the undead hostile mob that u/3tigrestristes changes to a dual type of Ghost and Flying.

Although there are many various games that gamers can use to practice their typing, Minecraft stands out as being particularly effective. In that game, there are recognizable mobs that, like conventional Pokemon, can be discovered in several settings. The notoriously hostile Warden from Minecraft serves as the ideal illustration since, like Tyranitar, the Pokemon with which it would share a dual type, it has little trouble frightening players.