An Overwatch Match On The Hanamura Map Has A Player Demonstrating Mei And Reinhardt’s Potent On-The-Field Duo

An Overwatch Match On The Hanamura Map Has A Player Demonstrating Mei And Reinhardt’s Potent On-The-Field Duo
Credit: IGN

A recent Overwatch play by a gamer demonstrated the potency of Reinhardt and Mei when their skills were combined to win a game. Teamwork often makes the difference between winning and losing a skirmish, as those who play the team-based shooter are well aware. As a result, players frequently try to combo the moves of various heroes to maximize their efficacy in Overwatch.

A user by the name of xnathkunx recently posted on Reddit that they had successfully combined Reinhardt and Mei’s skills to capture a fantastic Overwatch highlight during a recent game they had played. Specifically, Mei used her Blizzard, and Reinhardt used their Charge in this play. The outcomes of this collaborative play were astounding, to put it mildly.

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The action took place on Overwatch’s Hanamura assault map and was recorded from xnathkunx’s point of view after a quick introduction, including winter-themed imagery. Beginning with Mei deploying an Ice Wall close to the second capture point, Reinhardt hid behind it as the clip started. The opposition team was revealed to be huddled close to a ledge once the barrier shattered after a brief period.

Finally, Reinhardt spotted an opening to launch an assault and rushed out of the shadows to charge right into the heart of the adversaries.
Even though it would have appeared to be a risky maneuver, the play ended up working mainly because Mei’s Blizzard rendered most of the opponent team immobile. While charging off the cliff side and falling to their doom, xnathkunx knocked several foes off with them, aiding their team in defending the second point. The player appropriately referred to the play as the “Mei/Rein bowling combo” while sharing the Overwatch clip to Reddit, and it turned out to be accurate.

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The post received about 2.8K upvotes since it was shared five days ago, in addition to the many comments that praised the video.