Many Grand Theft Auto Online Users Want the Ability to Rob Cargo Train

Many Grand Theft Auto Online Users Want the Ability to Rob Cargo Train
Credit: pagesix

When making money in GTA Online, some more entertaining and lucrative methods include completing heists and engaging in illegal acts. When you want to get ready for a bank job or sell some cargo, unfortunately, you are frequently put in a position where you are at the mercy of other people who are being disruptive in public lobbies. Some users on Reddit have devised a solution, which entails making the mission trucks indestructible while allowing other players to steal the cargo.

Arron1303 wrote in the Grand Theft Auto Online forum that they believed there would be less senseless destruction in the game if Rockstar encouraged players to steal from one another. Of course, at this point, you can run your enterprises from private lobbies. Still, it would make the experience of going online much more enjoyable if you could also steal from other dishonest users.

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The comments are unanimous in their opinion. Correct. Because stealing is a lot more complex than damaging, making cargo, import vehicles, and other items unbreakable and only able to be stolen will cut down on the amount of griefing that occurs and also cut down on the amount of successful griefing. Bickelsboss wrote that this would also make the gameplay more fun.

Due to an excessive number of overpowered vehicles in GTA Online, most of the game’s freight transportation is destroyed as soon as it spawns. So the decision was made to sell special CEO cargo from Vespucci to gain access to the pumpkin chute. Unfortunately, according to what psycodull wrote, the bomb went off not even thirty seconds into the delivery.

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On the other hand, many believe it is doubtful that Rockstar will ever implement this update. To a degree, R* actively seeks opportunities for cargo griefing.