The Match XP System Has Been Revamped For Halo Infinite

The Match XP System Has Been Revamped For Halo Infinite
Credit: ign

One year after the game’s initial release, the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite is finally receiving some much-needed adjustments to the way players can earn experience points. The revamp will be implemented as a component of the subsequent major update, scheduled to become active on November 8, which is less than a week away.

In a recent blog post, 343 revealed the changes that would be made to the XP system in Infinite (thanks, Eurogamer). Until this point, the most common method for gaining experience was completing challenges. Some of these tasks required users to participate in game modes they needed more interest in. As on November 8, this will no longer be the case, and the primary method for gaining XP will be through playing in matches across all playlists.

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Players with an infinite health pool will now receive a more significant base amount of experience points simply for participating in a match and additional experience points based on how well they did in that match. You will receive different experience points if your team wins if you finish in the top half of performers on your team, and if you were the most valuable player, you would also receive an additional bonus.

The ability to earn experience points (XP) for accomplishing tasks will continue to be a component of the game; however, even this game aspect will be modified to make leveling up simpler.

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Completing challenges will still award experience points, but beginning next week, the primary motivation for doing so will be the opportunity to unlock cosmetic items and Ultimate Rewards. It will also be possible to finish all tasks in every playlist, eliminating the necessity for players to participate in game modes that they would prefer to avoid playing. Even though the new XP payouts will be deployed one week from now, you should still expect to notice some variation in them because the new system is still in its beta phase.