A Week Before The Finals, Halo’s Championship Series Uses Different Ways To Its Crowdfunding Program

A Week Before The Finals, Halo’s Championship Series Uses Different Ways To Its Crowdfunding Program
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Only one week before the Halo Championship Series’s conclusion, Halo Infinite‘s creator, 343 Industries, announced some significant adjustments to its crowdfunding campaign. These modifications were meant to shake things up before the tournament’s conclusion.

The move is aimed at expanding prize pools across the board rather than focusing all of the funds on just a few games. Still, the duration has proven to be highly uncomfortable for many top players, who are now searching for lower expected profits due to the change.

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According to a statement released by the corporation, crowdfunded monies have been flowing into the Halo esports ecosystem since the debut of Halo Infinite, which occurred almost exactly a year ago. To date, approximately half a million dollars has already been contributed directly to increasing the prize pools of official Halo Championship Series events. This amount does not include the funds contributed directly to associated teams selling cosmetics in their store. Incredibly, this happened. I want to express my gratitude to every person who has assisted me up to this time.

343 Industries clarified that they recognized there was a chance to use crowdfunding to have a more significant influence on the ecosystem as a whole rather than just a select few tournaments midway through the season based on the responses they received from the community.

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This realization came from the feedback they received from the community. As time goes on, we will stick with this new strategy to strengthen the roadmap and add new tournaments instead of increasing the size of prize pools that are currently rather substantial.

In general, taking such an all-encompassing strategy will result in more chances for athletes and more material and entertainment for fans to enjoy watching. In 2022, starting on October 20th, 343 Industries will host the Halo World Championship in Seattle, Washington. The corporation is offering a million dollars in prize money right now to the winning team.