Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Hints On A Big Game Pass Announcement Coming Soon – Halo Infinite Not Released Properly

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Hints On A Big Game Pass Announcement Coming Soon – Halo Infinite Not Released Properly
Credit: Xbox

Recently, Microsoft’s Head of Gaming, Phil Spencer debuted on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons talk show hosted by Gary Whitta—the screenwriter for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Telltale’s Walking Dead—two nights ago.

You can view the VOD on Whitta’s YouTube channel already, see the video below:

Meanwhile, Phil Spencer had a lot to say, like some of the most interesting details, hinting at some big Game Pass announcements coming soon. The details he spilled appeared to line up with recent rumors of a big publisher about to join Microsoft’s platform subscription service with its game titles.

Here’s what Phil had to say:

I’d say the positive for us through the May showcase and the Summer showcase, and the July showcase has been the rise of importance for us in Game Pass.

As we talk to our customers, it’s becoming a real decision-maker for people on our platform and people who are evaluating the Xbox Series X as a console for them.

Our investment in Game Pass and its portfolio continues to be reliable. We’ve got some significant, strong, announcements to come about things coming to Game Pass.

What you’ll see from us around the launch of the console, frankly, isn’t going to change too much. The reason is simple. It’s because you were going to hear a lot about the console and a lot about Game Pass and how we think those two things are really a great value proposition for gamers going into the next generation.

After the discussion of the evergreen Game Pass, Phil Spencer tried to evade the talk on the delay of Halo Infinite into 2021, but he had to explain why it is far from the launch of the Xbox Series X console—which is to launch this Holiday 2020.

Let me start just by acknowledging the fans and the fact that it’s a bummer. It isn’t delightful for people. It’s frustrating for us. We were looking forward to the alignment of Halo Infinite and the Xbox Series X.

In the end, I have to make the right decision. The strength of the Halo franchise, the health, and ability of the team are things tracking toward the quality of where you want the game?

I’ll apologize to the fans because I never like to set up expectations and then not hit them, but I also believe we’re making the right decision in the long run, for both Xbox and Halo and our customers.

Spencer said that Bonnie Ross—Head of 343 Industries— and Matt Botty—Head of Xbox Game Studios—briefly considered a steel release for Halo Infinite. Still, eventually, it wouldn’t have been the type of version that Microsoft would want for the game.

So, what do you think? Still, excited about the November launch of the Xbox Series X, but this time, without Halo Infinite? Well, I didn’t expect the release of Halo Infinite to take this long, but with that said, let’s hope for the best!