CSGO – European Team Mousesports Reportedly Substitutes Star Player Woxic From The Lineup 

CSGO – European Team Mousesports Reportedly Substitutes Star Player Woxic From The Lineup 
Credit: ESL Archives

Reports have surfaced that Mousesports has benched one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s eSports star, woxic. Additionally, reports suggest that ChrisJ would take on the AWP for the team while Bymas enters the lineup.

This account emerges after the team lost grip against the other teams in the ESL One Cologne Europe. The tournament is the first significant competition after the eSport scene’s break. Although there’s still no official word from the organization, reports indicate that woxic has various attitude issues. It is noteworthy that the benched player is one of Mousesports’ best players in the current roster.

European news outlets also advocate that Aurimas “⁠Bymas⁠” Pipiras will fill in as the team’s fifth player. Bymas was signed earlier this August, noted as a “development player” and backup sixth player in case of unforeseen circumstances. The reports also state that Dutch player Chris “chrisJ” de Jong will take on the sniper gun.

Bymas became known to eSports teams within CS:GO after he participated in the FACEIT Pro League (FPL) Europe back in October of last year. The tournament gives streamers and pros looking for a team to be scouted. After his winning performance in the said competition, he was signed by FaZe Clan to stand-in for olofmester for two months during the first half of the season. Bymas’ statistics are good for 0.93 ratings according to HLTV metrics.

After mousesports acquired karrigan, frozen, and woxic last year, the roster has proven to be stable and immovable. The newly put together players jelled well as they were one of the top contenders in the world last year. The squad won three titles in a row in two months, which includes the ESL Pro League Season 10 finals. As a result, the management did not need to make any adjustments coming into this season of the first-person shooter game. If the reports turn out to be precise, this is the organization’s first roster change in nearly a year and a half.

When Finn “karrigan “Andersen moved to mousesports from FaZe Clan, fans have their doubts about whether this the right move for the mouz. As history now tells us, Andersen proved to be valuable for the team and became the in-game leader. On August 21, however, MAD Lions demolished karrigan and the rest of the squad in a heartbreaking 2-0 in the ESL One Cologne. Map 1 ended with a 5-16 score, while map 2’s Nuke was final at 4-16. Total of the matches, woxic recorded 13 kills and 38 deaths.