LCS – Cloud9’s Hopes Are Still Alive In The 2020 Summer Split As They 3-0 The Evil Geniuses

LCS – Cloud9’s Hopes Are Still Alive In The 2020 Summer Split As They 3-0 The Evil Geniuses
Credit: Kaza LoL LCS Highlights

Cloud9 is still punching and thriving in the League of Legends World Championship Summer Split after destroying the Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket playoffs match. Just what the eSports organization’s fans need after their past three messy matches in the tournament. Perhaps, this is the season for the North American to rise above the other regions!

The Evil Geniuses have gone down not without a fight, though. The whole series was very competitive, filled with ferocious team fights and a high-level of decision-making and portrayal of skill. The historic game one, EG managed to collect three Baron buffs but have failed to capitalize on this massive advantage. In return, Licorice and the rest of the squad showed maturity and kept their cool under pressure.C9 out scaled EG in a grueling 46 minute-match and taken the series 1-0.

EvilGeniuses’ Chinese to laner Huni starts off a couple of the games strong, but the bunch would fell off on their performance during the mid to late parts of the matches. At that point, EG would have a hard time catching up with the Cloud9’s power extension.

Though C9 won most of the series’ team fights, there’s much to be desired from their execution, which the team could have easily been punished by top teams such as FlyQuest or Team Liquid. Whether it’s positioning or team communication during the clashes, C9’s executions looked ungraceful and unorganized. As the analysts pointed out, these are the improvements the victors have to polish when they next face their playoffs foes.

Nevertheless, the 2020 Worlds aspiration for Cloud9 is still alive, especially now that they have a bit of time off to go back to the drawing board and enhance their team engagements with their coaches. The team will next face the winner of the uprising Golden Guardians versus the fan-favorite TSM.

Fans at Twitter are rejoicing over the huge playoff win. One fan declares that this is the C9 performance their fans want. Another weighed in on the team out scaling the EvilGeniuses in the late game, stating, “Thank god, so happy to see these drafts with lane dominant bot lane, with scaling tops, and good roaming mid.”

As for Evil Geniuses, the management has a lot to think about for the rest of the year regarding the coaching staff and lineup for potential organization revamp come 2021.

The LCS resumes on August 23 with a playoff match between Team SoloMid and Golden Guardians at 3 P.M. CST.