The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Asian Championships 2019 Kills Statistics And Sense

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Asian Championships 2019 Kills Statistics And Sense
Credit: PGL via Twitch

The CS: GO Asia Championships 2019 has been underway since November 20th, and is scheduled to wrap up on this coming Sunday, November 24th.  Thus far, the outcomes have baffled everyone, and it looks like the finals this weekend will continue to surprise everyone with their near-nonsensical results.  We warned that almost anything could happen in professional Counter-Strike; we didn’t think anything would happen.

Team TYLOO is on a hot streak

TYLOO came into this tournament as the second-lowest global seed at rank #26, in front of ViCi that has already been knocked out of the tourney at 7/8th place.  The mostly Chinese team includes one member from Hong Kong, and they’ve crushed every match that they’ve played thus far.

TYLOO was first matched against G2 (global rank #13), and suffocated the French team with smart angles and solid map presence.  In a clean sweep, TYLOO took the first two maps and left G2 scratching their heads.  TYLOO won first map Vertigo (16-14), and second map Dust2 (16-10).

TYLOO then went head-to-head against MIBR, that are globally seeded at #15.  MIBR has been on a hot streak themselves, winning six of their past eight matches.  TYLOO won the series (2-0) in a clean sweep, with both Mirage and Train going (16-12) in favor of TYLOO.  MIBR held the Chinese team well, making every round a fierce competition.

TYLOO looks to have a promising map pool in this event, and their primed and ready.  Their next match is on Sunday, against the winner of mousesports versus Evil Geniuses.  Wouldn’t bet against this Chinese team fighting in their home turf; Chinese Counter-Strike may very well be on the rise.

Evil Geniuses Appear Stymied

Evil Geniuses find themselves going against mousesports with odds favoring them, although they must be a bit miffed to find themselves fighting to stay in the tournament.  Odds currently are 1.4/3 in favor of Evil Geniuses, as EG has had a far stronger form than mousesports recently.

Evil Geniuses lost (0-2) against MIBR in a clean sweep, and MIBR then went to lose against TYLOO in a clean sweep.  While Evil Geniuses picked up the second match on November 21st against G2 in a closely fought battle (2-1).  G2 lost to TYLOO in a clean sweep on the first matchday, however, which leads some speculation on where Evil Geniuses will find themselves on November 24th.

Evil Geniuses are still favored to win the tourney, now consisting of only six teams after G2 and ViCi have been removed.  Yet TYLOO’s hot streak bears mentioning, as it has upset the odds twice already.

Matches will resume on Saturday, November 23rd, with MIBR facing against AVANGAR, followed by Evil Geniuses Facing mousesports.  The losers of those games will be removed from the tourney, with the winners facing ENCE and TYLOO, respectively.

As always with professional Counter-Strike, anything could happen next.