The Survival Game The Long Dark Is Now Available On Xbox Game Pass

The Survival Game The Long Dark Is Now Available On Xbox Game Pass
Credit: gameranx via YouTube

Out of all the gaming platforms available, one that has a lot of momentum right now is Xbox Game Pass. It truly is an incredible platform for Xbox One users who want access to a wide variety of titles. What’s also great about this service is the library is constantly being updated.

It just happened again and now, the survival game The Long Dark is currently available for console users of the platform. It’s a great addition considering how well this game has been received since launching all the way back in 2014. If you like survival games with an explorative design, then you’ll find a lot of value in The Long Dark.

A geomagnetic disaster has just occurred to the planet, sending it into an ice age essentially. You’ll venture out solo to explore the vast frozen lands of a planet that is now unrecognizable. Instead of pitting you against a bunch of otherworldly monsters or zombies, it’s just you and the harsh elements. It’s a simple design and yet so impactful because of how plausible the story is.

Games that feature a lot of isolation always have an interesting effect on players. Their minds start to wander as they venture from area to area. The briefest contact with a human NPC or even animal is a social drink that you can never get enough of.

The developers at Hinterland Studio also did a great job at giving this game a lot of personality. The moment you venture out in the cold, the atmosphere takes over and you start questioning your every step. Do you continue exploring the unknown up in the distance or just stay put and wait for help? These are the questions that will be racking your brain as you find a way to survive everything these harsh climates throw at you.

The Long Dark has an episodic format, which was a brilliant choice from the developer. It’s like a TV series that provides cliff-hangers at the end of each episode. Just as one ends, you want to jump into the next to see what trials and tribulations await your character. The dialogue and animations are another shining aspect of this survival game.

It’s definitely a great addition to Xbox Game Pass and worth checking out if you don’t mind a solo experience. Who knows what you’ll find in these harsh frozen environments?