New Asus Gaming Headset Features AI To Cancel Noise From Various Sources, Can Last Up To 25 Hours

New Asus Gaming Headset Features AI To Cancel Noise From Various Sources, Can Last Up To 25 Hours
Credit: asus

The newest Asus gaming headset has introduced an innovation to improve its noise-canceling capability, among other features.

The Taiwan-based tech manufacturer has utilized the power of artificial intelligence to make its headset more worthy of buying.

The company, famous for producing innovative electronics and hardware products, is using AI to eliminate background noises. This means that the ROG Strix Go 2.4 has the power to remove the unnecessary sound coming from the environment. As a result, gamers could expect undisrupted play due to noise. It can “counteract” a maximum of 95 percent of background noises. As such, gamers are assured of “crystal clear” audio when communicating with teammates.

Apart from the AI-powered noise-canceling feature, the following are the other exciting specs of the anticipated Asus gaming headset:

• It is a wireless hardware making it more convenient to use.

• The unit’s 2.4 GHz connection is capable of bringing a lag-free experience among gamers. According to the 30-year-old firm, the ROG Stix Go 2.4 is the first-ever headset to have this feature.

• It is equipped with a sophisticated sound card courtesy of the 40 millimeters Asus Essence.

• It supports the hi-res version of auto playback. Nevertheless, this will only work if it is plugged using the 3.5 mm cable, which is included in the package.

• It boasts of an adapter from USB-C to USB 2.0.

• Its impedance is pegged at 32 Ohm.

• When it comes to frequency response, the forthcoming Asus gaming headset can support frequencies. These can be in 10-40,000Hz at 3.5mm or 20-20,000Hz in the wireless set-up.

• The battery life of the ROG Strix Go 2.4 headset could be another reason to consider it. If fully charged, it can be used for 25 hours. Meanwhile, charging it for 15 minutes could already give the gamers a total of three hours to use it.

When buying the latest Asus gaming headset, gamers will also receive a functional pouch that comes with pockets for accessories. As to the aesthetic value of the product, the anticipating fans will likely love its color. The smooth, black finish of the device looks classy, while the earcups are well-cushioned for more comfort.

Overall, this new product from Asus is worth the wait. As to when it will be released officially, the company has remained mum about it. Keep posted for more news and updates about the Asus gaming headset, which is expected in the coming days!