European Hardware Community Awards Announce Winners In Tech Community After Extensive Voting

European Hardware Community Awards Announce Winners In Tech Community After Extensive Voting
Credit: CNET via YouTube

2020 has seen a massive number of tech releases, and fans are always vying to see which is best. Recently, the European Hardware Community Awards held a survey to see what the community felt the strongest about.

“Reaching well over 20 million technology buyers, no other survey comes close to capturing the collective wisdom of the people when it comes to the deciding the ‘Best of the Best’ in the technology sector,” the EHCA writes.

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“The community itself has been built over many, many years through the hard work and dedication of the various EHA member publications.”

We’ve already spoken on Nvidia winning three awards with their 30-series graphics cards – Best GPUs, Best Product, and Best Gaming Product specifically. There’s plenty more to see, so let’s dig in!

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The first name you’ll see is AMD for the best CPU. At the time of publication, the Zen 3 cards of the 5000 series hadn’t been released yet, so there’s a good chance that they’ve only further cemented their placing there on the list.

Past that, we have the following:

  • Best Motherboards: Asus/ROG
  • Best Memory Modules: Corsair
  • Best Graphics Cards: Asus/ROG
  • Best Air CPU Coolers: Noctua
  • Best Water CPU Coolers: Corsair
  • Best Custom Cooling: Corsair
  • Best Case Fans: be quiet!
  • Best Hard Drives / Best SSDs: WD/Samsung
  • Best Cases: Fractal Design
  • Best PSU: be quiet!
  • Best Monitors: Asus/ROG

There are a few more names on the list as well – peripherals have a few listing as well, with Logitech claiming Best of both Keyboards and Mice. Sennheiser also grabbed a victory in Best Gaming Headsets and Best Headphones.

The above are the main components that’ll go into a build, and that’s what most people will be glancing through a list such as this to discover. There’s a good chance that there’s going to be a considerable increase in sales for Asus/ROG and Corsair, for example, given how often they appear on the list.

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One issue to discuss though is the conversation of availability – AMD CPUs are still rather obtainable, but their newest series sold out in minutes and hasn’t seemed to see much of a restock since. The same could be said for Nvidia’s 30-series, which continue to suffer massive production issues.

Hopefully, as time goes on, these items will become more available. Given that the EHCA made this list through more than two million enthusiasts voting, rather than ranking it themselves, it seems that these are truly the opinions of the tech enthusiast community.