Nvidia Wins Multiple Awards In European Hardware Community Awards For New 30 Series Graphics Cards

Nvidia Wins Multiple Awards In European Hardware Community Awards For New 30 Series Graphics Cards
Credit: CNET Highlights via YouTube

The tech industry has seen a massive amount of addition and evolution this year, from new consoles to new PC components for enthusiasts to utilize in their next build.

The European Hardware Community Awards knows this best of all, as they’ve been working to name the best releases of the year. They’ve recently named their winners, and there’s a bit of controversy for some picks – as there always is on a list of the bests.

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One thing that few people are surprised to see, however, is how many awards Nvidia was able to snag with their recent release. Their GeForce RTX 30-series has been one of the most hyped (and upsetting) releases in recent tech history, after all.

So it’s not quite a surprise to see them managing to grab a few awards on the European Hardware Community Awards’ list. While there are still some notable releases to come, the spots are rather hard to contest at this moment in time.

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The EHCA has named Nvidia‘s RTX 3090, their flagship card of the 30-series, as the best GPU currently available on the market. Given that this is the most powerful card of a lineup that shattered the GPU scene, it’s far from a surprising name.

The 30-series managed to also snag the Gaming Product of the Year award, specifically with the GeForce RTX 3080, the mid-tier of the lineup. Moreover, the same product won not just the Gaming product, but the general Product of the Year as a whole.

This was arguably the most highly sought-after card of the lineup, so it’s no shock to see it here. Still, naming it the greatest product in tech at the moment might feel like a pretty hefty title to give.

Some tech enthusiasts are a bit annoyed with seeing the card win this title, as the launch has been considered one of the worst launches in tech in quite some time, with some stating it was the worst GPU launch in history on social media. The card sold out in less than two seconds due to bots buying them all so swiftly.

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So it begs the question, can you consider something the product of the year when almost no one was able to get their hands on it? Is the EHCA giving this award based off of the hype that the card generated, or does it deserve it?

We also still have the launch of the AMD 6000-series cards that will be coming on the 18th, which claim to be better than Nvidia’s line. Whether that’s true can only be told by the release, and whether enthusiasts are able to actually get their hands on it.