The Honest Review Of Corsair Void Elite RGB Wireless Headset – Ideal For PC Gamers

The Honest Review Of Corsair Void Elite RGB Wireless Headset – Ideal For PC Gamers
Credit: Corsair

Let’s get some proper briefing on the newly updated Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless meant for PC and PlayStation owners.

To make this a thorough review of the Void RGB Elite Wireless, let’s visit the newly added items:
• USB charging cable (1.5m)
• Foam tip made for its microphone
• Quick EStar Guide
• Warranty Card
• Safety Leaflet
• 2.4GHz RF wireless USB dongle

Design and Features
What makes the Void line more futuristic in its design when compared to what other gaming headsets have to offer and even Corsair’s lineup, is its angular design and use of RGB lighting.

Also, the upgraded Void RGB Elite Wireless has two color setups accompanying this new product line – White and Carbon.

As opposed to the original Void Elite released years ago, the current build of the upgraded Void Elite is quite firm. It is nothing remotely inferior to headsets ranging at $150, especially when its ear-pads are purposely made of plush foam and breathable microfiber mesh fabric.

As with most headsets, each earbud has the Corsair logo with RGB lighting. That’s not all, checking the on-ear controls, we find the volume dial, mute mic button, and the power button located on the left earbud and with the non-detachable undirected (omnidirectional) microphone.

Now, let’s talk about its performance…

Starting with Connectivity
When it comes to the strength of its wireless signal, the Void RGB Elite uses a 2.4 GHz RF USB dongle, and for it to function, you’d have to plug in the dongle and power the headset.

With that said, there’s no other type of connection supported, this limits its connectivity with other devices. Unlike the typical gaming headsets that support connectivity via a 3.5m jack or USB, this particular headset has no support for such connectivity options.

How Comfortable is it when in-use?
With its soft-fabric ear cushions and easily adjustable headband, Corsair’s Void RGB Elite is so comfortable and even competes with the comfort of superior headsets and those using glasses.

How about its Sound Quality?
The upgraded Void RG Elite has increased headphone frequency response up to 30 kHz from the initial 20 kHz, enabling a broad range of audible sound vibrations. Furthermore, its sensitivity was ramped up from 107 decibels (dB) to 116 decibels (dB) for more sound depth at a given volume.

It also comes with support for Sony PlayStation 4 platform. However, there are better alternatives out there when it comes to sound quality.

In the end, the Void RGB Elite offers an enjoyable sound experience with slightly heightened mids, which allows for punches, footsteps, and the likes to be detected more audibly.

Finally, the Battery Life
With a battery life more than 16 hours just from a single charge, it’s arguably on par with other recent wireless gaming headsets. However, it’s doesn’t last as long as the battery in the HyperX Cloud Fight (S) or the Arctis 1 Wireless.

But 16 hours of enjoying the functionality of any gaming headset is quite fun for most gamers. (This depends on the game though) Typically, the duration depends on how high the volume level is set. However, using much of the RGB lighting quickly drains the battery faster, so take caution when using those fancy lights.

Bottom Line
The Void Elite RGB Wireless is a tough and strong headset that delivers optimum sound quality and great comfort combined with a ‘good-performance’ microphone for PC gamers.

To use, add virtual surround support through Corsair’s iCUE program, and there you have it for a decent fee of $100. How about PS4 gamers? There are other alternatives like Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 around $100 or even Sony’s official wireless Gold 7.1 headset around $85.

Note: Both alternatives mentioned above have support for Sony’s platform and they equally enable gamers to adjust the headset volume level through the on-ear volume control dial.