Resolutiion Is A Grim Cyberpunk World Coming To PC And Nintendo Switch Later This Month

Resolutiion Is A Grim Cyberpunk World Coming To PC And Nintendo Switch Later This Month
Credit: Monolith of Minds

Deck 13 Spotlight and Monolith of Minds have announced their upcoming title Resolutiion. This cyberpunk adventure takes players into a dark world where nothing and everything is real. Players experience a unique look into cyberterrorism as they enjoy the pixel graphics and unique twists found within the game’s compelling story.

This independent developer team have worked hard to bring their upcoming title to PC and Nintendo Switch. After several delays, the title is planning for a May 28 release date where the game will infiltrate the gaming world. Prepare for a gritty reality of cyber crime.

A seasoned killer aids a curious AI through several combats and into a fractured world. There is a ton of puzzles, combat, and unsettling scenes built into this fractured future. Use weird weapons and put together the past to figure out how this reality came to be.

Resolutiion is a face-paced adventure with over 20 hours of punishing combat. There is a deep layering to the story in this game where players will learn how reality can exist and not exist simultaneously. In the Infinite Empire, nothing is clear, and only through thorough investigation can players discover the truth.

The game presents players with a fractured world full of betrayal, wars, and family. To solve the mystery players must take on cynical gods, emotional machines, furry critters, and more. This is a dark story where being the hero may turn you into a villain.

As you progress through the game, players will unlock new abilities that they can use to defeat enemies. As you grow stronger, you will realize that your foes also have new tricks. The game is full of brutal and unforgiving boss battles and fights against gruesome and horrible monsters.

This entire game is set to a cyberpunk soundtrack that will drive you forward. Enjoy emotional music that changes with the world around you. There is evidence of careful preparation and intense story development hidden below the surface of this game.

If you are interested in Resolutiion, there is a Free Demo available on the game’s Steam page. This game is planned for a May 28 release on PC and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to keep up to date with future developments as Monolith of Minds continue to craft intense stories. Be prepared for difficult gameplay, gore, and more in this dark cyberpunk reality that looks as if it was born from the nightmares of a sci-fi fan.