Popular Steam Game Shoots Up Sales Charts Following Massive Launch

Popular Steam Game Shoots Up Sales Charts Following Massive Launch
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If playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Gotham Knights this weekend isn’t in the cards for you, there’s another game available on Steam that might be worth your time if you’re searching for something to occupy your time. Although it goes by RimWorld, this place is much more than that.

It’s called RimWorld Biotech, a new addition to the game that was followed by an update. These things caused the game to skyrocket upwards on Steam’s top-seller charts, even though there were two other significant releases simultaneously.

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When it comes to managing their expanding colonies, owners of RimWorld have a handful of new options to experiment with, thanks to the recently released Biotech update that was just made available this week. The most important of these traits is the ability to reproduce, which leads to the birth of children who, as they become older, will naturally fit in with your community and make it their home.

According to a preview of this function, having a fulfilling childhood helps a person become a successful adult. Every few years, you decide on the characteristics and interests a child will develop. If you give a child a better education and pay them more attention while growing up, you will have more options available, and that child will have a better chance of growing up to be a successful and content adult.

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While some colonies will give up everything to provide their children with the finest possible upbringing, others will use growth vats to produce inexpensive workers and soldiers. You are free to choose either option.

In addition, players can transform colonists into machinations. This is a fancy term for a person who has received a certain brain implant that gives them the ability to psychically command semi-living robots. In addition, gene modding is a thing that can be done now, and it enables players to construct xenohumans with a wide variety of peculiar and beneficial characteristics based on what the players wish to see happen.