An Elden Ring Player Who Has Assisted Two Thousand Players In Defeating The Game’s Final Boss

An Elden Ring Player Who Has Assisted Two Thousand Players In Defeating The Game’s Final Boss
Credit: IGN

You might be able to get an idea of how challenging Elden Ring‘s final bosses are if you consider that the game is challenging even in its most accessible settings. One player, however, has done business out of her ability to quickly dispatch the Elden Beast, offering her services to those who are having trouble in the game that has defeated so many of us in the past.

LetMeSoloThem, who modeled her play style after the illustrious LetMeSoloHer, has successfully guided 2,000 players to victory over the game’s final boss while donning nothing on her body but a jar perched on her head. And to make matters even better, the so-called Jarnished is showing no signs of stopping down and is continuing to offer assistance to any struggling Xbox player.

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LetMeSoloThem, who posts under the name supersaiyanvidel on Reddit, marked the occasion by going to the subreddit r/EldenRing to express her gratitude to the players who had hosted her after their Elden Ring runs.

She says, “I’m honored by the 4,000 to 5,000 people who have summoned me for their final struggle in Elden Ring.”

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I want to express my gratitude to the 2,000 Tarnished for allowing me to address them as lord. I sincerely apologize to the people whose safety I was unable to ensure and to those whom I’ve let down. It was a privilege to battle with every one of you!

LetMeSoloThem makes it quite apparent that her services will not be discontinued, and she extends an invitation to any Xbox gamers who require assistance to receive it.

She also props to LetMeSoloHer, thereby disclosing that she is not the only person following in his footsteps. She claims that he is a well-known figure in our neighborhood. Many of us have been motivated by his example to carry on the Jarnished tradition and assist those in need.