People Are Completing Fallout: New Vegas In Under 9 Minutes

People Are Completing Fallout: New Vegas In Under 9 Minutes
Credit: Gamer

A typical run-through of Fallout: New Vegas, during which the player chooses one of the game’s four possible conclusions and participates in a significant number of the game’s optional quests, will take approximately forty hours. On the other hand, as is their customary practice, speedrunners have discovered ways to completely obliterate that time limit and are finishing New Vegas in a mere nine minutes.

A wide variety of benchmarks need to be surpassed, and the competition to do so has begun. WaveClipping currently owns the record for the fastest time across all four different endings, having completed the Mr. House path in 9 minutes and 58 seconds. WaveClipping’s record-setting performance earned him the top slot. Even the world record for the glitchless category has recently been broken, with the new time sitting at 22:54.

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You can view WaveClipping’s most recent success in the Twitch stream located below (starting at around 01:29:16). The streamer demonstrates several of the most important bugs required for the run at this point.

One of these is called “Reload Dashing,” It enables the player to glide around the battlefield by exploiting a fault connected to reloading a specific type of weapon. We can also see them regularly using quicksaving and quick loading to clip through walls, which makes it simpler and faster for them to navigate particular locations.

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In spite of the fact that this run is in the Mr. House category, WaveClipping doesn’t even have a chance to talk to the big man until they reach the Legion camp on Fortification Hill. This is one of the most impressive aspects of the race.

They can begin Mr. House’s final plan as soon as they are granted an audience with him even though they do not meet with him until they have completed their negotiations with the other major parties located all around the Wasteland.