On October 25th, We May See The Beginning Of The Sims 5’s Playtesting Phase

On October 25th, We May See The Beginning Of The Sims 5’s Playtesting Phase
Credit: GAMER

If recent claims are to be believed, playtesting for The Sims 5 will likely get underway as soon as the following week. A playtesting version of the game, which is still being referred to as Project Rene officially, is scheduled to be made available to players on October 25, 2022, according to an email that was accidentally made public and some promotional photos.

The online newspaper known as “Insider Gaming” was the one that found out about the news initially. However, it would appear that the reports have been validated by individuals now employed by Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher.

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Register your interest in participating in the Playtest! According to the contents of the questioned email, the team at Maxis has been putting in a lot of effort to build new features for The Sims. Therefore, you are cordially invited to participate in a pre-alpha testing session for the Project Rene experience. We want to make this experience as good as it can be, and we can’t wait to get your comments and find out what you think about it.

The hacked email continues to describe some of the additional components that have been added to Project Rene. During this particular playtest, the primary emphasis will be placed on our newly developed tool for customizing objects, which we have dubbed Workshop.

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Candidates for the role of playtesters were informed that the purpose of this tool is to facilitate the personalization of in-game objects to decorate a residence. You are more than welcome to upload your creations to the server for others to download, and we also urge you to share what you’ve done with the community. And don’t forget that you can participate in this playtest with others to enjoy everything it has to offer to the fullest!

It would appear that the intended audience for this request for playtesters was never intended to be the general public. We strongly encourage you to participate in sessions with the people you already know and sign up for the private playtest Discord server so that you may meet new people to play with. Because you are a trusted member of the Community Playtesting, you can invite up to three of your friends to participate in this playtest with you.