A Player Of Elden Ring Explains How To Counter Commander Niall By Using The Charge Attack Of A Supplementary Boss

A Player Of Elden Ring Explains How To Counter Commander Niall By Using The Charge Attack Of A Supplementary Boss

Players can avoid Commander Niall’s charge strike using an Elden Ring technique. Commander Niall is an optional human boss in Elden Ring who leads a group of defeated knights formerly held as prisoners. Unfortunately, the Commander’s status didn’t protect him from being exploited by a single player; they found an opening nobody else saw coming.

Many players have found new knowledge about the game’s gravitational magic and dialogue options that lead to previously inaccessible locations, making Elden Ring a game full of surprises. One player, though, discovered a strategy that might be helpful in the fight against this particular boss.

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A video showing how to avoid Commander Niall’s charge strike was uploaded to Reddit by user DaddyWhoGames. The player starts the fight with some long-range projectiles and then perfectly dodges the boss’s charge strike to sneak up behind Commander Niall.

Like all other video games developed by FromSoftware, Elden Ring is a game of trial and error in which players must figure out an enemy’s routine to succeed in battle instead of simply pressing buttons in a frenzy. There are other strategies for defeating Commander Niall, such as sending waves of Elden Ring’s mimics at him or pelting him with flaming arrows from the sidelines.

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One player beat Elden Ring using only their fists, proving that anything is possible regardless of the game’s great difficulty. Even when some players believe there is nothing more to uncover in the game, the active community will always find something new to offer.

The user mentioned the most advanced stones available in response to a viewer who wanted to know what kind of weapon upgrades were best.

Players will need all the support they can get, as Elden Ring is a challenging game with complicated obstacles in its harsh open environment. Elden Ring is well-designed enough to provide many techniques and shortcuts for anyone willing to stray from the main path.