Although Overwatch 2 Has Replaced The Original And Is Now Free To Play, The Original Game Is Still Sold In Some Places

Although Overwatch 2 Has Replaced The Original And Is Now Free To Play, The Original Game Is Still Sold In Some Places
Credit: IGN

Although Overwatch has been superseded by Overwatch 2, which has rendered the former obsolete, some stores still offer physical copies of the former game. Overwatch 2, the successor to Blizzard’s famous team shooter, offers the same endearing experience as its predecessor despite controversy and a rocky debut. While the long-awaited PvE feature won’t arrive until next year, Blizzard has already started making amends for the title’s missteps by giving players free skins and more XP for ranking up in the Battle Pass.

Fans were promised a sequel, but Overwatch 2 is primarily mechanically and stylistically identical to the first, which most longtime players wanted. However, the original game’s formula is shifting due to the introduction of the new Battle Pass mechanism5v5 battles, colorful maps, mighty heroes, and D.Va’s toxic personality in Overwatch 2. As a result, OW2 has reinvigorated the Overwatch series, helping to bring in millions of new players.

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While Overwatch 2 is available at no cost to players, the first game initially set players back $40 before dropping to $20 over time. Although the original Overwatch no longer exists, a Reddit user named raistwalls1 recently told Eurogamer that it is still available at some stores.

Overwatch Legendary Edition was featured in the original post alongside the question, “What happens to folks who buy this without knowing?” The Xbox and PS4 versions were available, as raistwalls1 notes.

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It’s odd and unethical to see physical copies of Overwatch sold at the total price while there have been claims that other stores are destroying their stock or selling it at rock-bottom pricing. Since Overwatch 2 will replace the Loot Boxes of the original game with a Battle Pass that resets every nine weeks, the Overwatch series has become infected with microtransactions, and you should avoid replenishing your current one.

The release of Overwatch 2 has piqued gamers’ interest in the future of Blizzard’s team shooter, with many wondering who the following playable characters and Battle Pass additions will be.