It Has Been Discovered That The Overwatch 2 Snow Fox Lucio Skin Makes Players Visible Through Walls

It Has Been Discovered That The Overwatch 2 Snow Fox Lucio Skin Makes Players Visible Through Walls
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The Snow Fox skin for Lucio in Overwatch 2 contains a bug that makes players visible through walls. This bug has caused great anger for players afflicted by it. Since its release on October 4 of this year, Overwatch 2 has been subject to criticism for having a launch that is plagued by several technical issues.

Blizzard, the company that created the game, has been working hard to keep up with recent developments, but the game still has numerous flaws.

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The newspaper PCGamesN was the first to notice the concerns. However, the issue was first brought to light on the social media platform Reddit, where users posted their perplexity at the situation. It would appear that the flaw has been in the game since it was first made available, but the problem has, up until now, gone completely undiscovered. This may be because there are already a significant number of known bugs.

The aforementioned cosmetic item was first made available to players of Overwatch by Bizzard during the Winter Wonderland event in 2018. Unfortunately, this legendary skin for Lucio is not generally obtainable in the game version currently available. Still, players who have already obtained the skin can equip it in Overwatch 2.

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People have noticed that even if there are walls between them, hostile players may see the fog effect that is emanating from the character’s boots and weapon. This has been brought to people’s attention.

In a normal situation, this would be a cause for concern for any player participating in competitive play; nevertheless, the glitch presents an extremely significant challenge for Lucio. Wallrunning is the character’s primary tactic for flanking foes and gaining access to regions that would otherwise be out of reach.