The Sims 4 Now Has The Modern House From The Award-Winning Movie Parasite

The Sims 4 Now Has The Modern House From The Award-Winning Movie Parasite
Credit: 심쿵건축simkoongarchitect Via YouTube

The Sims 4 has always been an incredible game in terms of creativity. The developer Maxis has given players so many resources and tools to use for creation. This is particularly true in regards to designing your sim character a home.

Well, this has spawned a lot of creative projects from users. Some of them are actually dwellings featured in iconic movies. Just recently, a passionate architect took time out of their busy schedule to recreate the modern mansion featured in the award-winning movie, Parasite.

If you haven’t seen the film by Bong Joon-ho, it really is worth your time. It features interactions between a wealthy and poor family. Seeing the differences in lifestyles and behavior really has got the world buzzing, but it was the sharp plot twist at the end that left many with a lasting impression.

Much of the film takes place in an elegant and modern mansion, which thanks to one passionate fan and professional architect, now is available in The Sims 4. This user isn’t a stranger to these types of projects. They actually have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to them. You can see their creative works for yourself by searching simkoongarchitect on YouTube.

This Parasite-themed creation is pretty impressive considering all of the detail that went into it. There is even a explorative video that shows off the mansion room by room. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll get an eerie sense of familiarity when moving around. If you haven’t seen the movie, you may want to hold off exploring the house. There are certain portions that do have some spoiler material.

Overall, the architect has a lot to be proud of. Not only do we see the talent and dedication, but other Sim players can enjoy this house for as long as they want. It just goes to show how incredible of a creation game The Sims 4 is. Even though it came out back in 2014, its community is still going strong. It still receives regular updates that give players more incredible experiences to look forward to.

It’s clear that The Sims 4 is still going strong in 2020, and if fans can keep their creative projects coming, there’s no reason why it can’t thrive for many years to come. Seeing this latest project may inspire you to revisit the game and make something truly unique that you can share with others. Or, you can just enjoy what others have made. It’s a win win.