Some Early Impressions Are In For The Game Creation System Dreams For The PS4

Some Early Impressions Are In For The Game Creation System Dreams For The PS4
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Dreams has been out for the PS4 for roughly a week now. If you’re unfamiliar with what Dreams is, it’s essentially a game creation system that lets users create all sorts of things. It could be a puzzle mini-game or a gadget of some sort. The joy comes in the creation and the limitless amount of resources that are available.

So what type of impression has Dreams left on the community since its release? For the most part, most users have enjoyed their time. There are just so many things that you can enjoy for hours, whether you’re a consumer or creator.

On the creative side, Dreams is really in-depth. You can take the tools provided and literally create a complete and functioning video game. It’s like you’re an independent developer working on a major project. The amount of hours you could spend refining various aspects is downright daunting. Still, many users have answered the call and have done some amazing things.

For instance, there is a game similar to P.T. — the Silent Hill project that Konami Productions scrapped a couple of years back because of budget issues and creative differences. It features the same sort of narrow hallways and creepy moments waiting around every corner.

There are also a lot of platformers that have been recreated, including Sonic The Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot. It’s clear that creators can’t get enough of the system, even though there are just so many systems to play around with and eventually master.

If you’re one of the many that simply wants to take a consumer role, then that’s where Dreams really shines. You don’t have to create a thing. You can simply view projects that the community has completed. There are pages and pages of work that you can browse, whether you’re looking for a unique song or want to put your skills to the test solving a puzzle. The content options are endless.

Media Molecule has done a great job at refining Dreams and making it very sociable. As soon as one creator gets done with their work, they can upload it to the servers where everyone will have access to it. The developer has even started hosting events. For instance, one week there could be a period when users need to create something after being given a certain prompt. It’s this type of content that should keep users coming back time and time again.