Dreams Now Has PSVR Support For Even More Immersive Creations And Experiences

Dreams Now Has PSVR Support For Even More Immersive Creations And Experiences
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Dreams has been a pretty fantastic creation system for the PS4. Developed by Media Molecule, this program lets gamers turn their dreams into reality — quite literally. There are no limits to what users can create, whether it’s a fully fledged mini-game or an artistic piece.

There are so many talented users that have done some amazing things in the short time this system has been out. For example, Silent Hills — otherwise known as P.T. — showed up in Dreams and lets players have the same amazing horror experience that they could when the demo was still up on the PlayStation Store.

These sort of creations come out all of the time, giving users plenty to discover and play around with. Media Molecule has consistently supported this game creation system with updates too — making it better in important ways.

They just did it again and this time, they’ve added PSVR support to Dreams — which was first reported during the DreamsCom showcase. On paper, this has the chance to make creating an even better and more immersive experience. The PlayStation VR has been a huge technological advancement for Sony.

The VR headset has so many great games and it being supported in Dreams just gives VR fanatics all the more reasons to check out this unique and realistic gaming technology.

Players can download the update for free and instantly start using their PSVR with this game creation system. And it doesn’t look like the developer is going to leave interested users without any direction. There are tutorials and how-to guides out now for those that want a little help with navigating this VR technology.

This update makes Dreams even more limitless in terms of creation possibilities. Don’t be surprised to see some amazing work in the coming weeks as users get more comfortable with the new settings and resources. It’s a promising update that makes Dreams even more unique.

It should be mentioned that being a creator in Dreams does require a lot of patience and understanding. Some may be put off by the complex tools, but at least the program lets users still enjoy being a player of the amazing content. There will be all sorts of new VR worlds that players can check out for as long as they want.

Dreams is like the gift that keeps on giving thanks to the amazing systems Media Molecule has included and the dedicated community that’s existed since launch.