The Power Of Media Molecule’s Dreams Lies In Its Ability To Allow You To Create Your Own Universe

The Power Of Media Molecule’s Dreams Lies In Its Ability To Allow You To Create Your Own Universe
Credit: Afterburner Studios

There is a new game out that is all about making your dreams turn into reality, and those dreams are what we know to be this thing called “video games.” What we are talking about here is something much stronger than what you might call “RPG Maker,” which is available for purchase or “play” on Steam. What we are talking about is something much more powerful than that, and it has been in development for years.

This powerhouse is known as Dreams, and it is being developed by the powerful development studio Media Molecule. These guys are out there making things happen, and their latest is going to be an exercise in experiencing what it’s like to be a big-time indie game mogul but at half the cost. (Or maybe no cost at all if you happen to be among the lucky chosen few.) Keep reading to find out more, young fam.

This so-called “game” is really just about what it is like to be an indie developer, and it is actually coming out this week. The first release of the game is coming after months of an open beta that most mega fans described as awesome. It was almost like a finished product. Now it is finally ready.

Essentially, they have given you the powerful tools to go in there and make your own game, which is basically like making your own reality. We really must be careful here because these things are going to take a bit of time, but what it comes down to is the ability to obtain true freedom.

When Nietzsche wrote about getting out there and getting the becoming of the self on, he had no idea we would have this kind of power in our hands. One hundred years later, here we are, with the ability to become the actual superman in the palm of our hands. So get cracking.

This game allows everyone to build their own environment in totally rendered 3D. This is all about going out there and making it all happen, one step at a time, two steps forward, and you will finally be making it out there in the real world gaming industry. That is if this is a path you decide to choose.

There is a reason this game is called Dreams. It can really make whatever you want to see happen with a snap of your fingers. So if you want to give it a try, then go out there and check it out, baby.